A Visit in the BasementEdit

I don't know, I just felt like making some fanfiction about the battle between Marisa and Flandre. Yes Reimu is there, but shes just, there for being there...ness

Flandre was sitting around, watching the many clocks inside the basement tick and tock. "Aah, I'm kinda bored...but what to do?" Flandre got up and started to walk around. She looked at the many books, broken toys, paintings, and worn out old shoes. There was just nothing to do today. Then Flandre thought, how did I get in this old, dirty basement again?. Then all the memories started to come back...

You see, Flandre used to be a normal little vampire. She was always playing with her sister until one day, she just went insane. Her sister trapped in the basement for 496 years...while sitting thinking she heard a rustling...she looked behind her and she saw a shadow coming down the stairs to the basement. "Reimu, the basement is so dark and dusty isn't ze?","oh please Marisa! You can handle it can't you?". Flandre's heart skipped a beat. Visitors! She hovered near the door waiting.

Reimu stepped out of the staircase. "Finally were here! Took a while huh?", "yeah, yeah, but look! This place is huge!", Marisa said. Flandre flew over and said, "who are you people?". Marisa flinched, surprised, while Reimu just calmy said,"well, I'm Reimu Hakurei, and this is Marisa Kirisame, what are you doing here?", "thats what I want to know! I'm so happy you came! Now I have somebody I can finally play with!", Flandre said happily. Reimu, confused said, "Oh...sorry, were just down here to borrow a borrow somethi-","Ha! we'd love to play with you!", Marisa butted in, "What kind of games do ya like to play, ze?", "Danmaku","ooh, the art of making patterns, ze? I'm pretty good at that!",Reimu frantically put in,"this is not really necessary is i-","Here I come!" Flandre screams as she begins.

"Spell Card! Cranberry Trap!", Flandre yells. Reimu uncertain says, "Well, if I must...Duplex Barrier!" Flandre avoids all the bullets with ease, and then sends out all her bullets flying, "what the-", Reimu is knocked back by a bullet. "Reimu, you need to be more careful", "Well then Marisa why don't you try attacking instead of just watching!", "fine, fine, watch Flan, I'm ready for anything!", "oh really?","Spell Card! Asteroid Belt!", Marisa screams. "Wow!" Flandre shrieks. "heh, your not half bad Marisa", "thank you. Either is yours, ze", "well, I'm just getting started!, Spell Card! Four of a Kind!", "Woah, thats some pretty fancy Danmaku you have there. You can clone ze? Hmm, thats pretty tricky..", "You really shouldn't stand still Marisa!", "huh?", Marisa turns around and sees Flandre right behind her, "Whoa!", as she is knocked back. "Heh, and your yelling at me to be more careful", Reimu says. Guess, its my turn!

"Spell Card! Hakurei Danmaku Bounded Field!", Reimu screams. Flandre gets hit by one of the bullets. She falls to the ground. "Wait...she can't be a one hit KO right?". They here a rustle in the gravel. Flandre pops up, "YOUR DEAD MEAT!". "M-Marisa! Somethings wrong with her...", "Your right ze! Its almost as if shes being possessed by some demon...", "hmph, Marisa, I can handle this. "W-wait Reimu!, you can't fight her by herself!", "watch me". "Spell Card! Fantasy Seal! -Blink-!", Flandre avoided all the bullets without even looking..."Heh, thats all you got weakling!? Spell Card! Ripples of 495 Years!", Reimu got knocked against a wall, Marisa hurried over to her. She was unconcious..."hmph, Flandre, there is one rule about me...and thats that you NEVER hurt my friends!, I have a trick up my sleeve that you'll never forget..." "Give it all you got witch!", "Spell Card...Love Sign...Master Spark!!", Flandre couldn't even remeber what happen, the fource of the blow was so intense she hadn't even felt it...

Flandre, sat up...and stood up. Marisa waited for her next spell card. But she didn't even do anything, and then...she started to giggle. "Hey! What are you laughing about!?", Flandre started to laugh out loud. Its been 496 years since she ever laughed that hard. "Its just...I never had that much fun before in my life!", Flandre ran over and tightly hugged Marisa," Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you SO MUCH!". Marisa didn't even know what to say, she just said, your welcome and that was that. Reimu shortly woke up since Flandre insisted that she stayed until Reimu woke up. "Well, Flandre, I have to be going now, sorry I have other things to attend to", Marisa said. "Ha! Like what Marisa? Sleeping and drinking?", Reimu jokingly said. "W-what! I mean...thats beside to the point! Besides Reimu, why did we come down here again?", "Oh I was going to get..wait! I forgot in all the fuss". The three girls laughed with each other. Reimu got up, and said she'd be waiting outside.

When Marisa got up, Flandre said, "Please visit me again! Please?", Marisa nodded. Definitely...yes I will be coming back...


Flandre, was sitting around, bored with nothing to do. While looking at an old painting, she heard voices, "Marisa, remind me why we are coming down here again?", "oh yo know! To meet an old friend ze?"